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Our online Export/Import Training Course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, from the comfort of your chosen environment. With expertly crafted modules, engaging videos, and interactive quizzes, you will explore the essentials of international trade, from market analysis to logistics management. Our user-friendly platform ensures that you gain in-depth knowledge while balancing your other commitments.

Course Detail

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Mr. Biswanath Sandha

Exporter, Business Cunsultant & EXIM Trainer

Qualification – B. Tech, Successful exporter and
entrepreneur, Experience – More than 12 years in
EXIM and Manufacturing.

The Key Benefits of Taking Online Export Import Management Course:

1. Accessible and Convenient:

Online training provides flexibility and convenience as it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and at the learner's own pace.

2. Cost-effective:

Online training is often more affordable compared to traditional classroom training, as it eliminates the cost of traveling, accommodations, and venue rental.

3. Maximum time for assimilation of the content:

Our online Export-import Management course is design in such a way that candidates have
maximum time for preparation and assimilation of the content.

4. Paying once and repeat training twice:

We are offering to repeat Export Import Management training twice at a single fees.

5. Hand holding:

After completion of Export Import Management course hand holding is provided for first 10 shipment (Export/Import).

6. Life time Free Consultation:

After completion of Export Import Management course expert team will be available to resolve any type of confusion and technical problem related to international trade.

7. Up-to-date Information:

Content of Export Import Management training is regularly updated with the latest information, regulations, and industry trends. This ensures that learners have access to current and relevant information.

8. Enhancement of Efficiency:

Export-import Management training helps learners develop skills and knowledge necessary for international trade. This results in improved efficiency in managing import-export
transactions, compliance with regulations, and reducing the risk of errors and losses.

9. Networking Opportunities:

Our training provides a platform for learners to connect with industry experts and potential business partners. This helps to build valuable professional relationships.

10. Interactive learning:

Unlike other we are providing only live and interactive sessions. Whether online or offline all the training sessions are very much interactive and engaging as we included lots of Q/A
and quiz sessions.

Course Content

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